Individual Coaching Programs

Leaders don’t always have the skills or support they need to be successful, and many find themselves in situations they were never prepared to tackle. VISION prepares individuals to become effective leaders through training, coaching and mentoring based on 30 years of business insight and know-how.

Who can benefit from individual coaching?

Executives by definition are leaders, but sometimes even the most successful get stuck. They can get caught up in day-to-day details. Perhaps they fail to play the right political cards and gain the influence they need to be effective. Whatever the reason, VISION creates a one-on-one partnership with individuals to critically assess challenges, analyze situations, identify blockers, and establish a clear plan of action for success.

VISION helps executives:

  • set a clear vision & inspire teams
  • improve leadership skills and drive results
  • become more agile
  • improve decision quality
  • become better listeners
  • build high-performing teams
  • become politically savvy
  • and more…

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Effective leadership is always challenging; however technology professionals often face much more daunting obstacles. Leadership demands many capabilities that are very different from the ones that made them successful as technical practitioners.  As a result, they often struggle for recognition, influence and advancement in the demanding corporate world.

VISION helps technology leaders:

  • understand the skills needed to excel
  • capitalize on their strengths and manage blind spots
  • improve leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen
  • gain influence and recognition
  • deliver more business value

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Career transitions can bring uncertainty, trepidation and fear. It can also be a time of endless possibility, excitement and growth. Working with an executive coach can help you unlock new opportunities and maximize success.

Whether you’ve been caught up in downsizing, are considering starting your own business or if you’re simply starting a challenging new role, VISION can help prepare you for the transition.

VISION helps people in transition:

  • consider new options
  • establish short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies
  • establish specific action plans
  • define the best next steps for their career path

There’s no risk to get started.
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