What Clients Say About Vision Executive Coaching

Gerry was an extremely effective coach for me. He quickly identified unique strengths and development needs, and focused on opportunities for growth and development that were aligned with the organization’s objectives. His intellect and calm demeanor automatically commanded the respect of his peers and customers and he was frequently looked to for insight and perspective. In our on-going relationship, Gerry continues to coach and ask insightful questions which have continued to positively influence my career.
Alice M., CIO / IT Leader
Gerry came to me through a mutual business contact. I had a wonderful technical colleague whom I hoped was ready to receive a coach. I reached out to Gerry for several reasons not the least of which was his ability to leverage his technical background and passion for coaching to reach someone who wasn’t as hard wired to value coaching with solid results.

My viewpoint, and that of my colleague, regarding Gerry’s coaching is positive and the results are very tangible from a personal, career and financial standpoint. The thing that Gerry can do better than most coaches with technical people is to translate the ‘warm fuzzy’ stuff and show the value and benefits in the day to day.

Gerry’s background and approach from my view are invaluable to me as an HR professional. This is an area that has needed and continues to need a translator to help our technical talent grow.

Kathryn Z., Director, Human Resources
Working with Gerry has improved the way I think through decisions related to work and life in general. Gerry is one of those rare individuals that can help you better understand your interests, strengths and weaknesses while helping you figure out your next career steps. It took less than 10 minutes with Gerry to realize he was a person of character with a wealth of experience who could help me figure out my next steps. He has a natural yet rare talent for helping people he coaches.
Bob M., CIO / Publishing Industry

I first learned of Gerry Valentine’s company, Vision Executive Coaching, and their services, in a presentation Gerry made in April of 2012 to the RMIMA (Rocky Mountain Information Manager’s Association). Gerry clearly knew what he was talking about, had a good deal of career management experience with IT professionals, and had a well thought out and unique methodology to help IT professionals move their careers along to the next step.

For me the next step was to build a plan to transition from working in IT, to what I should do when I retire. I have been working in IT since 1985, of which the last several have been as an IT manager. Hopefully in the next 4 to 5 years I will be able to retire, but I wasn’t sure what I would do at that time. I thought if Gerry could help me figure that out now, the boat could be pointed in that direction over the new few work years so that I would be well prepared to retire when the time is right.

So the challenge I set for Gerry was to think beyond IT and help me to consider all the options – not just technology – that might await me when I retire. We met over a 2 month time frame from August through September, 2012. During that time Gerry ran me through several exercises and gave me several “homework” assignments to do that helped me think deeply and critically about what I wanted out of my future work life. The methodology was stimulating and very helpful in scouring my past, my values, and my interests. The direction was not linear – it took several twists and turns, with many surprises along the way. Gerry helped me to incorporate several professional friends to use as a sounding board to help me evaluate and evolve my plan during this process. In the end Gerry turned out to be a coach and a mentor, helping to guide me to a life work master plan that I am now slowly beginning to initiate.

It was great fun to do this, to work with Mr. Valentine – a highly valuable experience that will shape the rest of my life’s work. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Gerry and his company to help you manage, develop and plan your career goals, whatever they may be.

Scott M., IT Manager / Insurance Industry