A Process That Helps You Think Differently

Without new thinking, leaders engage in the same behaviors and get the same old results. The VISION Coaching Process, VISION 360, gives you new insight, a fresh perspective and a road map to success. We start with your objectives and create a plan to achieve them by looking at the situation from every angle.

What to Expect with VISION 360



Through conversation, we discover your objectives, your areas of strength and any unproductive behaviors that could impede your success.


We’ll look at past successes and challenges, incorporate formal and informal feedback from relationships in your sphere of influence, and evaluate your leadership style. This process, also known as Evaluation 360, establishes clear development goals.


This is where we work together to define paths to your success, weigh different options and establish a clear action plan.


You’re never on your own. We form an ongoing relationship that helps you execute and refine your action plan. We’ll hold you accountable and motivate you to keep achieving your objectives.